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GTech is a technology solution company that follows the technological developments in the world and combines them with its sectoral experiences to provide tailor-made solutions for the requirements of its customers.

• Technical staff specialized in their fields,
• Products that have proven themselves in the world,
• Collaborative approach,
• Provides a wide range of customers from banking, production, marketing organizations to the public sector with Enterprise Performance Management, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Software development projects and after project support.

GTech has accomplished many important projects in Corporate Performance Management Systems and Custom Software Solutions for more than 10 years. GTech, which designs business models with its customers in line with business and solution partner principle, has successfully carried out many works including turn-key projects, training, consulting, and after-project support.
With its expertise in Enterprise Performance Management and Big Data, GTech is the distributor of Striim, which is an Expert Partner of Oracle, in Turkey.

``The most important principle for us is to develop projects that meet the business requirements of the customers in a way that will best serve them achieving their long-term goals and strategies and can be easily adopted and used by non-IT users, besides meeting their short-term requirements in the best way.``


With our sectoral and technical expertise, we provide our customers with the best solutions.
86+ Customers
102+ Projects
90+ Engineers


``Being an international solution partner that offers solutions that will further increase the competitive power of the enterprises competing in global markets.``


``Adopting UDA (Understand, Describe, Agree) as the principle for internal and external communications. Having long-term collaborations by keeping effective and efficient communication with the principle of Understand, Describe, Agree. With the understanding of quality service, providing service to a wide range of customers independent from their sectors. GTech acknowledges that it starts a long-term collaboration with its customers during and after the project. With its customer-focused working principle, it has adopted the goal of a successful project as its own goal.``

Company History

  • 2016
  • Symphony Core Banking

    Symphony Core Banking Implementation is a solution, which is highly integrable, has multi-language support including Cyrillic and Arabic alphabets, can operate in the cloud environment, support multiple-bank and branch environments, is affected by the user errors at the minimum level, needs user training at the minimum level, and allows the ...
    9 Kasım 2016More
  • 2015
  • Bergman Human Resources and Training Inc

    It is the HR company which was established by GTech in 2015 to provide Human Resources services to the sector.
    15 Ocak 2015More
  • 2014
  • Striim Distributorship

    GTech has become the distributor of Streaming Intelligence and Integration’s Striim product in Turkey in 2014.
    10 Nisan 2014More
  • 2007
  • Oracle Partnership

    Upon Oracle’s acquisition of Hyperion in 2007, GTech has become an Oracle Business Partner.
    5 Ağustos 2007More
  • 2005
  • Hyperion Distributorship

    Upon Hyperion Solution’s acquisition of Brio Software in 2005, GTech has become a Hyperion Distributor.
    15 Şubat 2005More
  • 2001
  • Brio Distributorship

    GTech has become Distributor of Brio, which offers Business Intelligence tools, in Turkey Brio Software, which is a technology company offering Business Intelligence software, was founded in San Francisco in 1984 by Yorgen Edholm and Katherine Glassey. The company was bought by Hyperion in 2003 and its products have been ...
    10 Mart 2001More


  • Consultancy

    It is the service provided by our expert consultants to successfully implement the solutions required by our customers.

  • Outsourcing Service

    It is the service provided by our consultants whom we have appointed from our team to work on our clients' projects and/or business teams.

  • Maintenance Support

    The technical support, and software and/or hardware maintenance service that our customers need after the project.

  • Big Data

    With our expert consultant team, we offer solutions to our customers in each step from architectural design to implementation of big data environments.

  • Cloud Services

    It is our service by which we can move our customers' existing solutions to the cloud as well as developing our new solutions in the cloud environment.

  • Training

    It is a practical training service provided as workshops for the technology solutions we provide to our customers before and/or after the project

Our Solutions

Data Warehouse

Database solution for the enterprises to historically store and report their operational data (OLTP).

Business Intelligence

The service of reporting enterprises' operational data and/or the data in the data warehouses and presenting them on the dashboard.

Budget Planning

The technology solution that automates all budgeting processes of the organizations in line with predefined business rules and task lists on a web-based platform and facilitates operating in various scenarios and versions simultaneously


The technology solution that provides controlled and automatized governance of consolidation workflow, calculations, and reporting for internal and external reports in accordance with the legislation and management preferences.

Activity-Based Profitability

It is Oracle's solution in the Enterprise Performance Management product family that aims to enable organizations to efficiently perform resource allocation and identify their strengths that impact cost and profitability.

Strategic Planning

A financial solution service by which the organizations can model their finance for five years or longer and reduce it to annual budgets.

Database & System Administration

It is the on-site or remote management, maintenance, and update services for the databases and operating systems in the organizations' systems.

Daily Profitability of the Bank (OFSAA)

OFSAAA is a set of applications that offer a single, peer-to-peer solution with strong integration designed to meet all kinds of financial service needs of the companies in the financial sector, especially in the banking sector.

Balanced Scorecard

It is the service of presenting and monitoring of KPIs of the organizations from the basic perspectives.

Statutory Reporting

The reports that the banks are obliged to submit to the institutions such as Ministry of Finance, BRSA, Treasury, KKB, SDIF are automatically generated by the solution we have developed.

Data Mining

Modeling and analysis of data stored in the historical data warehouses using data mining functions.

Big Data

It is the ability to store and analyze large quantities of data which have been rapidly increasing, have a complex content, and needs much space, in an economical and scalable manner.

Metadata Management

It is the work of managing the relationships of the metadata, the effect of the changes using the visual tools and preparing an enterprise data dictionary by listening to Metadata in the relational database, design, ETL, and reporting tools.

Advanced Analytics

It suggests including the data that is valuable for the companies, in various formats, is in large volumes, and rapidly increasing in the external environment together with the enterprise data into the Advanced Analytical studies.


We provide our customers with architectural design services for their Kafka environment or Health Check, Maintenance & Support services for their existing Kafka environments using this solution.

Enterprise-Grade Streaming Integration

Real-Time Integration with CDC into Hadoop, Kafka, Cloud and More

Uçtan Uca Bankacılık Çözümü


GTech Academy

Special Workshops



  • Setup
  • Report Preparing
  • Dashboard
  • iBot
  • Delegation

OBI Publisher


  • Kurulum
  • Rapor Hazırlama
  • Dashboard
  • iBot
  • Yetkilendirme



  • Kurulum
  • KPI & KPI Watch List
  • Strateji Ağacı
  • Whell Diagramı
  • Balık Kılçığı

OBI Admin


  • Kurulum
  • Servis Yönetimi
  • Loglama
  • Kullanıcı Yönetimi
  • Modelleme



  • Kurulum
  • Topology
  • Context
  • ETL Yazılımı
  • Schedule



  • Uygulama Oluşturma
  • Workspace Özellikleri
  • İş Kuralları
  • Finansal Raporlama
  • Shared Services



  • Uygulama Oluşturma
  • Smartview
  • İş Kuralları
  • Finansal Raporlama (FR)
  • Güvenlik



  • Streaming Analytics Concept
  • Striim Data Integration
  • Striim Components
  • Striim Intelligence
  • Sample Application Development

Opinions of our Customers

Financial References

General Sector


Public Corporation


Career Opportunities at GTech

Please send your current CV to take part in our counseling team.

Open Positions

  • Üniversitelerin ilgili bölümlerinden mezun
  • En az 3 yıl deneyimli,
  • Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Data Integrator araçlarına hakim
  • Tercihen Veri Ambarı tasarımı yapmış.
  • Esnek lokasyonlarda çalışmaya açık,
  • Takım çalışmasına yatkın, dinamik ortamlara ayak uydurabilecek.

  • Üniversitelerin ilgili bölümlerinden mezun
  • En az 5 yıl deneyimli,
  • İş Zekası projeleri ve/veya Ana Bankacılık projeleri yönetmiş,
  • PMP Sertifikasına sahip,
  • Esnek lokasyonlarda çalışmaya açık,
  • Takım çalışmasına yatkın, dinamik ortamlara ayak uydurabilecek.

  • Üniversitelerin ilgili lisans bölümlerinden mezun,
  • En az 3 yıl deneyime sahip,
  • Akan veri analitiği konularına hakim, büyük veri projelerinde yer almış,
  • Hadoop, Kafka, ve tercihen Cassandra veritabanlarına hakim,
  • Amazon vb. cloud ortamlarında çalışmış,
  • Tercihen Spark ya da Striim kullanmış,
  • Çok iyi düzeyde İngilizce bilen,
  • Erkek adaylar için askerlik hizmetini tamamlamış veya en az 2 yıl tecilli.

  • Üniversitelerin ilgili bölümlerinden mezun,
  • Oracle Veritabanı Yönetimi konusunda en az 3 yıl deneyim sahibi,
  • Oracle RAC, Dataguard gibi yüksek süreklilik çözümleri hakkında bilgili,
  • Backup, recovery tecrübesine sahip,
  • Unix, Linux OS yönetiminde tecrübeli,
  • Tercihen Oracle Veritabanı sertifikası olan
  • İyi derecede ingilizce bilen,
  • Ekip çalışmasına uyumlu,
  • Analitik düşünme ve problem çözme kabiliyeti yüksek.

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